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CarGo offers a wide range of rental vehicles. From 2-seater car to 9-seater minibus, pick the perfect vehicle on-line or in our agencies. You have a large choice with CarGo. Discover all our rental offers in your nearest location!

A rental car for every occasion

To travel around the city, rent a Friendly or a city car: Smart, Renault Twingo, Renault Clio and Peugeot 208. Those economical cars can go anywhere.

Our selection of compact cars is suitable for people seeking a more powerful and more spacious vehicle with a fuel consumption mastered. Ideal for regular trips into town and on motorways.
For your family travel, choose the comfort of a passenger vehicle. Choose to rent a compact MPV or a family car for long journeys.
Travelling in a group? Save money by renting a 7-seater car or a 9-seater Minibus to share the cost of fuel and tolls.


Smart, Spark or Twingo type

Cargo Location Tunnel sympa.png

The smallest and most economical car! This is the 2 to 4 seats car ideal to rent for your short trips in town at the lowest cost.

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Clio, Yaris or 208 type

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The urban area is your playground? Rent a 5-seater city car, very handy and comfortable, available in diesel engine (or gas, depending on the agency).

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Mégane, Golf or 308 type

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The perfect car for your weekends with family or friends! A diesel compact car both spacious, powerfull and economical on all types of roads.

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Scénic, 3008 or Picasso type

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The vehicle of choice for your family vacation! With 5 to 7 large adjustable seats, plenty of storage and driving pleasure, your long trips will be stress-free.

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Family car

Passat or 508 type

Cargo Location Tunnel familiale.png

A family car for the most demanding! The sharpest 5-seater Car 5 in comfort, power and security to go on vacation with your family.

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Espace or 5008 type

Cargo Location Tunnel grand_monospace.png

The 7-seater car for large families on holiday! A spacious MPV, comfortable and adjustable to your liking. A true mobile living room!

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Pajero or Land Cruiser type

Cargo Location Tunnel categorie_4x4.png

The 4x4 is perfect for the original vacation! A real efficient, safe, spacious, comfortable and modular tractor. Hire a legendary fighter!

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Trafic extended, Vivaro, Caravelle type

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The 9 seats minibus helps you save money! The ideal van for traveling with your sports club, your band, your association or large family!

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